At Bedford Discovery Early Childhood Center, we help children blaze their individual paths along a discovery trail of development. Every day is filled with the possibility of new and exciting experiences and challenges as children embark on daily adventures in play and learning.

Facilities at Bedford Discovery Early Childhood Center include an 8,800 square foot building specially designed to meet the needs of young children. Colorful, spacious classrooms create an inviting atmosphere and promote a safe, nurturing environment in which growing children can thrive and come alive with ideas. The facility at Bedford Discovery Early Childhood Center include a 3,000 square center specially designed for infant development with spacious rooms, an indoor play area and an outdoor protected play space to encourage gross motor development. Seperate sleeping areas within the rooms are in place or the comfort of children.

Flexible scheduling - At Bedford Discovery Centers allows for full day Infant/Toddlers Programs, and full and half day options for our Preschoolers. Before and After school programs are also offered for school age children (grades K-3). Recognizing the varying needs of families in the community, our center operates year-round on a corporate calendar and is open Monday through Friday 6:30a.m. to 6:30p.m.

Family participation is essential in providing the best overall educational experience for children. We are committed to maintaining open communication and confidentiality in order to build the trust that supports the visions and needs of our community. We encourage family involvement, including drop-in visits, in order to create a seamless bond between home and school. Partnerships between parents and staff members build a strong foundation on which children can grow.

Programs have been carefully designed to follow the trail of children’s needs and imaginations in a highly creative environment of learning through discovery. It is our belief that children in the early years learn best through play. Our program integrates multi-cultural awareness into every day activities. Science, art, music, story time, math manipulatives, computers, large motor activities, creative dramatics, puzzles, meal/snack time, and rest time are all part of your child’s day. Enrichment programs organized by visiting nature and marine experts, musicians, physical fitness, storytellers and field trips are provided to broaden children’s horizons.

Security At the Bedford Discovery Centers we ensure that every parent’s child is safe. We take our responsibility seriously by providing a state of the art security system and requiring that only those people cleared to visit with or pick children up from the center are allowed to do so.